PLAYBOY FEATURE: AKB48 General Election 2011

AKB48 Special Mook by Playboy Magazine Japan.

AKB is a Japanese cultural phenomenon…
It’s hard to explain, so visit the AKB48 wikipedia page for details!

Includes full coverage of AKB48 General Election 2011 plus extras like posters and cards.
This event had more media coverage and rates than Japan’s recent prime minister election…

Playboy does some of the most coverage on AKB compared to any other newsstand magazine.

Your vote decides who gets to sing and appear on stages.

Top 21 ranked by vote will get to lead in the next AKB48 single.

The brains of it all: Yasushi Akimoto.

It’s pretty much impossible to live a day without seeing an advertisement with AKB featured.

I don’t have any images of the poster, since I haven’t opened any of the attachments… maybe, someday.

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